Pollen & Allergen Stop
does not cure the local symptoms caused by allergies, but stops the main cause of it, without side effects!


The Pollen & Allergen Stop treats the cause, and not the local symptoms of allergy!

The product has been made to address complex solutions. The products waxy cream, consistency creates a contact, with the nasal mucous and acts like a conventional “pollen trap”. Plus, contains herb extracts that absorbs during the treatment.

The herbal concentration is mixed so that it will not create further allergic reactions.

Reduces the inflammation of the mucous, caused by pollen.

It disinfects the nasal mucous, and swollen nasal poles.

The most unique and revolutionary part of our product is, that the absorbed additives contains herbs, which acts as a catalyst. With this, the body’s immune system won’t react to pollen and allergies as aggressively.


  • Non-addictive!
  • No side effects!
  • Usable with other medicine!
  • Does not contain antihistamine nor steroids!
  • Does not cause drowsiness, fatigue, depression!
  • Usable by children of any age, pregnant woman, and nursing mothers!
  • It’s effective against pollen, dust mites, dust, animal hair, bird feather, fungal spores!
  • During common cold and flu season it’s also advised to use it, reduces or diminishes their symptoms.
  • It calms the autonomic nervous system, thus its usable by anyone!